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What is Trangia?

The Trangia stove has been used for half a century by outdoor people all over the world, as well as by defence forces, rescue services etc. The Trangia approach to quality has put its stamp on manufacturing throughout the process, from the choice of materials to function. 75 years of experience, practical testing, combined with modern technology, design and constant development means that the Trangia stove is a reliable, Swedish quality stove, safety tested by TUV of Germany

Trangia is, and remains, the original, lightweight and reliable outdoors stove. Now available in state of the art, modern metals and with multi fuel burners it is the "complete" answer to outdoor cooking. The unsurpassed Trangia principle makes outdoor cooking easy in all weathers! It is the perfect stove for hiking, camping, the boat, the caravan and at home, during power-cuts.

The Trangia comes in different sizes: The Mini- Trangia for the lone hiker; The 27 model suitable for 1-2 persons and the 25 model is suitable for 3-4 people. In addition there are a number of accessories available to make outdoor cooking easy and fun.

The stoves need no special care or maintenance and they are durable. The Trangia stove is reliable, without unnecessary parts that can go wrong. If you avoid running over the stove by a car, having it trampled by an elephant or stolen by a hyena, you have a Trangia for life. The stove is quick to set up and packs into a compact unit that takes up minimal space.

The heart of the stove is the two-part windshield. The Trangia brass-burner runs on methylated spirits, which is cheap, safe and readily available. The combined frying pan/lid can be used as a lid to speed up heating and save fuel.

The silent burner is an ingenious original product and has a simple, durable and safe design. Regardless of the weather, wind or season it is easy to light. The spirit burner takes up little space and weighs less than a gas burner. The simmer-ring is used to regulate the heat, which saves fuel, and to extinguish the flame.

SwedeTake (Pty) Ltd,

SwedeTake is the sole Distributor for Trangia in Southern Africa and is based in Gaborone, Botswana. 

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