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Taste of Trangia

Trangia Recipes

In the big pan boil up a packet of dried vegetables, remove from heat and allow to hydrate for a while. Add a can of corned beef cut in cubes, bring back to boil to let the corned beef 'stew' and thicken with a sachet of oxtail cup o soup. (you can soak the veg in cold water for a couple of hours before cooking and this will help hydrate them fast). Fresh veg works fine too, just dice into small pieces to save on fuel.

Make up some 'smash' spuds and serve. You can add a good amount of curry paste and serve with five minute rice for a quick curry, serve with readymade nan bread or home cooked bannock

Fresh chicken thighs (two per person), bring to the boil and using the simmer ring, simmer for 20 mins then make up some 5 min pasta and cheese sauce (freeze the chicken at home first, cook on day one or when thawed)

One pan, frankfurters and 5 min pasta

Tinned stewed steak makes a good base for a quick stew

Chorizo slices, with onions mushrooms and peppers (Trangia fry pan and simmer ring, slow cooked) then mixed with small diced spuds and fresh salad, mop up the pan juices with bread. Cook spuds in advance, this dish can be served warm or cold.

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